Water Drop Splash Photography With Sheldon Katz, Wednesday, October 18 @7:15pm

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The Stamford Photography Club is excited to announce Sheldon Katz’ inaugural In-person-only presentation about Water Drop Splash Photography.

Where – Stamford Senior Center
When – Wednesday, October 18 at 7:15pm

Sheldon will show you his techniques for capturing stunning water splash photography. He will walk you through the lifecycle of a water drop falling into water, then show you how to make and capture water drop collisions with a drip machine. In addition, Sheldon will show you how he colors and lights his images using multiple flashes, diffusion, and the addition of food coloring and other additives to the water. He will conclude by explaining how to refract light in a falling water drop.

Sheldon began his photographic journey in the mid 1960’s. His father taught him how to develop black and white film and make contact prints. In high school he bought a Spiratone enlarger and began making 8×10 prints. Sheldon’s love for photography was reignited when he bought a 3 megapixel digital camera in 2001. His digital work started with landscapes and cityscapes. He then moved on to long exposure photography. He did a large exhibition in 2016 at Work Point in downtown Stamford.

For the last 10 years, Sheldon has concentrated on unusual forms of photography. He started with changing the camera’s focus while photographing fireworks. It made the images look like flowers and sea creatures. Sheldon’s other photographic genres are infrared photography, macro photography, light painting, traffic trails, giant moons over bridges, light houses & towers, star trails and the milky way. Recently, Sheldon has been doing Ultraviolet Induced Fluorescence (UVIF) and water drop photography.

You can see his work at https://www.big-bang-photography.com

Waterdrop Photography – Image by Sheldon Katz

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