Submission FAQ

How do I name my files in the new system?

There is no longer a need to formally name your file following a naming convention in the new system. In the new system, you will click choose file and locate it on your computer’s hard drive. Once uploaded, you complete the title field, then choose which category you are entering the image into.

I did not receive the emails sent by the system

System generated emails will come from the sender, such as notifications that the system is open for uploading into monthly competitions, or emails containing your login credentials. You should make sure to check your junk mail folder to ensure it did not default into that folder.

Is there a limit to the characters I can enter for my image submission?

Yes, there is a 40 character limit for titles

How do I know that my images were successfully added to the competition?

One method would be to logout of the site. At the next login when you return to the submission page, your images should be there.

Once the competition is closed for submissions, a confirmation email will be sent out that your images were successfully entered into competition.

Do we need to upload all of our images at the same time?

As long as The Judge is open for submissions, you can add, modify, delete images under your credentials as much as you like (up to the rules limits naturally).

For example, during open submission, a member can upload an image on day 1, log back in and upload a 2nd image on day 2, log back in and upload a 3rd image on day 3, log back in and delete an image/replace it on day 4, so on and so forth. Until the submission period closes, a member has the option to edit his/her submissions into competition.