Competition Results for November 2023

The first place entry in each category is highlighted blue

The second place entry in each category is highlighted red

Images with the designation “MU” are make up images for a previously missed competition image and are highlighted green

Black & White Print Class A Open Subject

Laura SkutchVincent With Truck Norris8.008.008.0024.00

Black & White Print Class Salon Open Subject

David SchafranOn The Prowl7.508.007.5023.00
Jean Marc BaraPassing Through Patterns7.507.508.0023.00
Steven LabkoffPlie8.008.008.0024.00
Sally HarrisShedding A Light On Frank Gehry7.007.507.0021.50
Rosemarie ConsunjiThe End Of A Long Day8.008.009.0025.00
David KaplanTwenty Mule Team Canyon8.508.007.5024.00
Susan ChristianoUnfurling9.008.009.0026.00
Roger BuschUp Down And Sideways8.008.007.5023.50
Mike HarrisVery Big Tree Small Man7.007.007.5021.50

Color Print Class Salon Open Subject

Sally HarrisAmish Brothers7.508.007.5023.00
Susan ChristianoAvian Top Gun7.507.508.5023.50
David KaplanBlue Canal Boat8.008.007.5023.50
Steven LabkoffHomeward Bound8.008.507.5024.00
Mike HarrisIrish Travelers At Window8.008.007.5023.50
Veronica HaureszRoute 40 Abandoned Winery7.507.507.0022.00
Rosemarie ConsunjiStill Dormant8.008.007.5023.50

Digital Image Open Subject Class A

Nenette YuA Ferns Unfurling7.506.008.0021.50
Gerald PollackAn Evening At Many Glaciers Hotel8.007.006.5021.50
Laura SkutchClaire Mazza Dances Desde Adentro7.007.007.5021.50
Elizabeth WolnickDancing Aspens8.507.508.0024.00
Karen KallinsDroplets7.507.008.0022.50
Zbig OrwiczHanging Out6.507.507.5021.50
Zbig OrwiczIzola Rock 5PM – MU7.006.007.5020.50
Hiro HiranandaniPilgrimage To Heavenly Skies7.507.507.5022.50
Lisa SilbermanQuiet For Now8.006.007.5021.50
Susan UrbaniaWaterfall Rocks  Leaves7.506.507.5021.50
Candace ChaseWes Andersons Dog8.008.008.0024.00

Digital Image Open Subject Class Salon

Aleksander RotnerAfter The Rain8.007.507.5023.00
Roger BuschCrooked Handrail8.007.507.5023.00
Jean Marc BaraGlow And Flow7.007.007.0021.00
David SchafranIn Formation8.507.508.0024.00
Debbie WolfLayers Of Nature8.007.507.5023.00
David HenkelOystercatcher Family8.508.007.5024.00
Carlotta GrenierPalouse In The Morning8.008.008.0024.00
Greg PresleyRays Of Sun8.008.008.5024.50
Jiasong ZhuRoad Wires And Tractor Trails7.007.008.0022.00
Sheldon KatzSaugatuck Falls7.508.007.0022.50
Veronica HaureszThe End Of The Day7.007.507.0021.50

Assigned Subject (NOV AS – TRAILS)

Mike HarrisA Path To A Goal6.007.507.0020.50
Jean Marc BaraColors In Transit7.007.507.0021.50
Rosemarie ConsunjiDescent Into The Canyon7.507.006.5021.00
Karen KallinsEarthly Patterns7.507.006.5021.00
Debbie WolfGhost Trail6.506.506.0019.00
Samantha HeilweilHelp  Im Lost8.006.506.0020.50
Zbig OrwiczHidden Trail6.506.506.5019.50
Steven LabkoffHow Silent The Valley7.508.007.5023.00
Hiro HiranandaniMonster Trail Runner7.007.007.0021.00
Sally HarrisMystery Path7.006.507.5021.00
Nenette YuNight Traffic On The Grand Canal7.507.007.5022.00
Lisa SilbermanPassing By6.506.005.5018.00
Roger BuschPath To Nowhere7.006.507.0020.50
Aleksander RotnerPorters Trail9.008.508.5026.00
Elizabeth WolnickRide Through The Heide7.007.506.5021.00
Susan UrbaniaSherwood Island Trail8.007.007.5022.50
Veronica HaureszSmoke Trail7.008.007.5022.50
Laura SkutchThe Grotto Before The Storm7.006.506.5020.00
Carlotta GrenierThrough The Woods6.507.508.0022.00
Jiasong ZhuTrail Of Donors7.507.507.5022.50
Candace ChaseWitless Bay7.006.507.0020.50